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Manuel Campbell, CEO, Aspire Community Capital

Ronnie has an exceptional ability to genuinely connect with people and establish rapport. He can work with people of all personality types and backgrounds and make them feel comfortable. Ronnie helped me learn how to dissect problems and consider solutions. Thanks to his coaching, I better understand how to engage with my board, develop relationships, and address issues head on.

J. Butler, Business Owner

Ronnie’s coaching work has added tremendous value to my business, as well as my personal life. I have gained more confidence, both professionally and personally, and have really sharpened my interpersonal skills.

As a direct result of his coaching and consulting help, I have been able to increase my business cash flow by 90% within the first year of our engagement.

John M., Business Owner

Ronnie the Executive Coach came into my life at the right time. We had known each other for a few years, but it was when I had reached a breaking point in my career and really needed some unbiased opinions that we started the coaching sessions. I have never second guessed that decision. Ronnie has the right combination of honesty, encouragement and directness. He guides you moving through whatever you are trying to find your way out of and finding the balance that I think we all crave.

Ty, Financial Advisor

Ronnie’s deep experience is one of the most important attributes he brings to his coaching clients. I can’t imagine taking advice from someone who has not been tested and risen to so many professional occasions. Ronnie is super easy to talk to. With his well-rounded background in dealing with so many people, I feel our discussions were very productive and helped me advance in many ways.

Patrick Graham, Ph.D. Public and Social Sector Executive

Ronnie Bryant provides coaching that considers a leader’s personal, professional, and emotional wellbeing. I appreciate that he connects how individual decisions, the current environment, and other people impact our ability to lead. With an authentic voice, Ronnie helps leaders develop and strengthen their emotional intelligence; the number one factor between failure and success.

Danielle Frazier, Charlotte Works

I absolutely wanted to work with Ronnie as my coach because he is a highly respected leader who has a keen understanding of what it takes to successfully work with various types of people and personalities in business and government. He helped me tap into my inner strength so that I was better able to lead my team and my board, and also engage with elected officials. He helped me tap into my inner strength and my leadership identity.

Janine Davis, Broadcast Professional and Community Advocate

Working with Ronnie provided me a unique experience of learning to be strategic and intentional when determining future goals for my nonprofit organization. What made my work with him most rewarding was his attention and commitment to ensuring I stay focused on my purpose. Ronnie is insightful and has the uncanny ability to detect areas I need to develop while empowering me to succeed both professionally and personally. Because of my work with Ronnie, I am much more intentional and purpose driven.

Rebecca Martin, Charleston, SC

We are all aware there is no panacea to eliminate our bad habits. However, working with Ronnie as my coach helped me to develop simple micro-thoughts and actions to move away from negative actions and easily incorporate positive habits into my day. Those incremental steps compounded and allowed me to reach my goals. Time spent with Ronnie was both pleasant and worthwhile.

Eric Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer, Charlotte Works

Ronnie is an exemplary professional coach who is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his wealth of experience and ideas. He conveys a unique sense of interest in my life and his insights and direction were always on target. When meeting with Ronnie, I always felt very supported and championed in the attainment of my goals. Ronnie always left me with helpful insights, ideas and questions to ponder. He is truly a vital resource to me, and I look forward to our continuing relationship.

Karen, Atlanta businesswoman

I wasn’t even sure what a “life coach” was or even if I needed one. But when my life took a sharp right turn (planned) and I found myself not just navigating my new life space, but also the floodgate of emotions that came with it (unplanned), I was open to any and all direction. A friend suggested I connect with Ronnie. At first, I was hesitant, guarded, and quite skeptical. (“Man…this guy sure does ask a lot of questions!”) But over time I realized those questions were purposeful, helpful, and quite sincere. In a short period of time, our sessions became a “safe space” for me to be me, no judgement. The undivided attention and compassion he gives makes me feel like I’m his only client. He is not just sympathetic, he’s empathetic to whatever issues I’m dealing with. It is his single-minded desire to provide solutions to help me reach my goals, both personally and professionally. Thanks Coach!

Karen, Atlanta businesswoman

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