Karen, Atlanta businesswoman

I wasn’t even sure what a “life coach” was or even if I needed one. But when my life took a sharp right turn (planned) and I found myself not just navigating my new life space, but also the floodgate of emotions that came with it (unplanned), I was open to any and all direction. A friend suggested I connect with Ronnie. At first, I was hesitant, guarded, and quite skeptical. (“Man…this guy sure does ask a lot of questions!”) But over time I realized those questions were purposeful, helpful, and quite sincere. In a short period of time, our sessions became a “safe space” for me to be me, no judgement. The undivided attention and compassion he gives makes me feel like I’m his only client. He is not just sympathetic, he’s empathetic to whatever issues I’m dealing with. It is his single-minded desire to provide solutions to help me reach my goals, both personally and professionally. Thanks Coach!

Karen, Atlanta businesswoman

Providing Solutions, Not Excuses

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